Platz der Deutschen Einheit 8
46282 Dorsten

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Mitglied des Berufsverbandes
Osteopathie Deutschland e.V.

Practice for Osteopathic Medicine and Chirotherapy

This practice is part of one of the largest professional associations in Germany – VOD e. V. (Verband der Osteopathen Deutschlands – The German Osteopathic Federation). 

Welcome to all for specialist treatment in osteopathic medicine in Dorsten, Gladbeck, Marl, Recklinghausen, Gelsenkirchen, Bottrop, Schermeck…

Thank you for your interest in osteopathy. This site gives you the opportunity to learn more about osteopathic medicine and its potential. 

Osteopathy is an autonomous and holistic form of manual therapy developed 120 years ago by an American doctor Andrew Taylor Still to treat functional disruptions (Learn more in section Scope of Application).

Osteopathy sees health as the balance of all bodily systems. This means muscles, bones and joints (the parietal system) on the one hand and the internal organs (the visceral system) as well as neurovisceral structures – the cerebral membrane (the craniosacral system) on the other hand. All these systems are biomechanically and neurophysiologically linked. The body can also be seen as a permanent fluctuation of liquids (blood, lymph, bile acid etc.) which can be disrupted by limited mobility of the muscoskeletal system and of the internal organs. Osteopathy aims at maintaining or restoring of the systemic balance.

The osteopath uses manual palpation to detect the movement disruptions in order to cure them. The osteopathic therapy removes the so called structural dysfunctions and activates the self-healing body potential.

Thorough case history along an on-going communication including interim evaluation of medical examination and therapy results are the factors that make osteopathic medicine individual, success-oriented and unique.